Mt Logano Property

Mt. Logano Location
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Targeted Commodity
Gold, Nickel
Shaw, Whiney, Carmen and Cody Townships, approx.
11 km east of the Dome Mine, east of Timmins, Ontario.  Road access.
Property Size and Position
212 claim units, 33.9 km2
Net Ownership
Red Pine 100%
Stage of Exploration
Exploration History
  • Ground geophysics completed (drill targets defined)
  • Drilling 6-8 holes, 1000 meters

Mineralization Potential
  • Excellent potential for gold mineralization at the contact between felsic porphyries and ultramafic volcanic rocks.

  • Many producing and former producing gold mines that have produced in excess of 65 million ounces are situated to the north and west.

  • The Nighthawk Lake gold deposit is located to the east. Same age of rocks that host the many famous Timmins area deposits underlie the Mt Logano property.

  • In the Timmins area the vast majority of the gold has been hosted by rocks of the Tisdale Group. This package of rocks has a basal section of ultramafic volcanics and basaltic komatiites and an upper sequence of variolitic tholeiitic basalt overlain by calc-alkaline dacitic volcaniclastics. This Tisdale sequence is intruded by porphyritic felsic stocks which were emplaced after the volcanics.

  • The largest mines in the Timmins camp (Hollinger, McIntyre and Dome) have a special relationship to these porphyritic stocks and are enveloped by an extensive zone of carbonate alteration. Some gold occurs within the stocks but most is in the volcanic rocks near the contact with the porphyries.